Writing effective report card comments

Writing Report Card Comments Julie Dermody Finding just the right words to write on report cards is an important but not easy task. Some teachers mostly middle and high school use computerized comments, so this may not be a dilemma for everyone.

Writing effective report card comments

Make Writing Them Less Stressful!! Writing school report cards is probably the most stressful part of the teaching profession and teachers must do them 3 times a year.

This is done for the first and second report cards only. What to Say and How to Say It 1. Keep in mind to take negative report card comments and turn them into positive ones, e.

If you think hard enough you can come up with a positive spin to a negative comment. Older students Grade 3 and up may read their report cards so beware - it could be a sensitive issue.

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Depending upon what is said, report card comments can also build self confidence in your students. Be honest, encouraging, professional and diplomatic. Leave room for improvement. Keep in mind that the final report card mark should be calculated from daily work, homework and classroom participation and not just from tests and quizzes.

You will also need to write a long range plan covering the full school year.


Many principals ask for them at the beginning of the school year. Write down what you will teach not the lesson plans during each month for each subject.

Writing effective report card comments

There may be times when report cards are due back to the V. Parent teacher conferences may not take place until 3 or 4 weeks after report cards have been distributed to students and parents.

Sooo, make sure to review the report cards and your report card comments prior to seeing each set of parents. Be sure to check out my Report Card Template which will provide you with a list of useful descriptive phrases for nine different learning skills.Sep 22,  · Just watch the reaction of Mushtaq Minhas and how Pak media miss reported comments of Reham Khan.

The Classroom Behavior Report Card Resource Book contains both teacher and student versions of all cards. While use of student cards is optional, teachers may .

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At last, here is a practical book that gathers time-saving tips from teachers on writing effective report card comments.

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Packed with advice, this resource will help you collect assessment information easily and describe your students' performances clearly and constructively. pfmlures.com: Writing and Defending Your IME Report: The Comprehensive Guide (): Steven Babitsky, Esq., James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq. and J.

. Report Card Comments Although grades provide parents with student progress for a specific subject matter, it is the conferences, conversations, and particularly comments on report cards that parents look to for information and guidance.

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