Walter dean myers

Stacie Johnson, Walter M. Teacher of creative writing and black history on a part-time basis in New York, NY, ; worked variously as a post-office clerk, inter-office messenger, and an interviewer at a factory. Brainstorm, photographs by Chuck Freedman, F.

Walter dean myers

About Walter Dean Myers Walter age My name at birth was Walter Milton Myers. I was about two years old when my mother died and then I was inexplicably given to Florence and Herbert Dean.

They loved me very much and I grew to love Harlem. Walter and his brother Mickey grew up in Harlem As a child, my life revolved around my neighborhood and church.

The neighborhood protected me and the church guided me. I resisted as much as I could. I had a speech impediment and often found myself leading with my fists when teased. I found solace in books.

My mother read to me from a very young age. Reading pushed me to discover worlds beyond my landscape, especially during dark times when my uncle was murdered and my family became dysfunctional with alcohol and grief. I wrote well in high school and an English teacher bless her!

I ended up dropping out of high school although now Stuyvesant High claims me as a graduate and joined the army on my 17th birthday. Christopher would one day illustrate books for his father. After the army, I was struggling through life—holding on just enough to survive.

A turning point for me was the discovery of a short story by James Baldwin about the black urban experience. It gave me permission to write about my own experiences. Somehow I always go back to the most turbulent periods of my own life. I write books for the troubled boy I once was, and for the boy who lives within me still.

Since then, he has won more awards than any author for young adults, and is one of the most prolific writers, with more than books to his credit.

Walter dean myers

He is the recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in writing for young adults. His book, Monster, was the first winner of the Michael L.The late Walter Dean Myers was the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. He was the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of an award-winning body of work which includes Somewhere in the Darkness, Slam!, and Myers has received two Newbery Honor medals, five Coretta Scott King .

Comprehensive Study Guide for Monster by Walter Dean Myers.

Walter dean myers

Full Summary, Chapter Analysis, Character Descriptions & More. The late Walter Dean Myers was a National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, who was known for his commitment to realistically depicting kids from his hometown of Harlem.

Read more Read less Give the gift of reading, now $/5(). Walter Dean Myers is a pioneer of young adult fiction. His novels about urban teens and the challenges they face have won him both a devoted readership and dozens of .

The Walter Dean Myers Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature, also known as “The Walter,” celebrates the legacy of author Walter Dean Myers ().

Walter Dean Myers (born Walter Milton Myers; August 12, – July 1, ) was an American writer of children's books best known for young adult literature. He wrote more than one hundred books including picture books and July 1, (aged 76), Manhattan, New York City. Walter Dean Myers is the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of more than eighty books for children and young adults, including Sunrise Over Fallujah, Fallen Angels, Monster, Somewhere in the Darkness, Slam!, Jazz, and Harlem. Mr. The Walter Dean Myers Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature, also known as “The Walter,” celebrates the legacy of author Walter Dean Myers ().

Monster is a young adult drama novel by American author Walter Dean Myers and was published by Harpercollins in It was nominated for the National Book Award for Young People's Literature, won the Michael L.

Printz Award in , and was named a Coretta Scott King Award Honor the same year.. The book uses a mixture of a third .

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