Tv is bad for you essay

Background discrepancies are also apparent in the lunar video.

Tv is bad for you essay

Background discrepancies are also apparent in the lunar video. Click here for the transcript and here for the RealVideo clip. This shot was taped in what was purported to be the first of Apollo 16's lunar excursions.

In reality, about three minutes after the first clip.

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Fox caption "Day Two". And this video was from the next day, at a different location. NASA claims the second location was two-and-a-half miles away, but when one video was superimposed over the other the locations appear identical.

Conspiracy theorists claim that even closer examination of the photos suggest evidence of doctoring. That last line is pretty funny. The audio you hear of the astronauts in those clips was actually all from different times than the video! So that's why the hill looks the same.

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It's the same hill, and the two clips were not taken a day apart, but from three minutes apart or so. Again, had the program producers bothered to check their sources, they would have received a prompt answer.

That's all I did: I emailed the editor of the ALSJ. It was pretty easy to do, and he answered me in minutes. Ralph Rene, a self-proclaimed physicist, claims that the astronauts shifting in the cabin would change the center of mass, throwing the lunar lander off balance.

They couldn't compensate for this, which would have crashed the lander. Thus, the landing was faked. Evidently he doesn't know how the internet works either, because there is a website which describes how the attitude control was maintained on the lander during descent and ascent; it's the Apollo Saturn Reference page.

There was a feedback control system on board the lander which determined if the axis were shifting. During descent, the engine nozzle could shift direction slightly to compensate for changes in the center of gravity of the lander the technical term for this is gimbaling the nozzle.

During ascent, the engine nozzle was fixed in position, so there was a series of smaller rockets which was used to maintain the proper attitude. Incidentally, every rocket needs to do this since fuel shifts the center of gravity as it is burned up by the rocket, yet Rene and the other HBs don't seem to doubt that rockets themselves work!

So we have a case of selective thinking on the part of the HBs. My thanks again to Apollo astronaut Charlie Duke for correcting a technical error in a previous version of this section. After describing the above scenario to me, he said the ascent stage of the lander was "a sporty ride".

There is actually a simple reason why you cannot see the flame from the lander when it took off. The fuels they used produced no visible flame!Everything Bad is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture is Actually Making Us Smarter [Steven Johnson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Tv is bad for you essay

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Abrams are executive producers. After one season, Fox canceled the series on April 29, November The way to get startup ideas is not to try to think of startup ideas. It's to look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself. Late Friday night, ufologist Laura Eisenhower released a letter she said that ancient astronaut theorist David Wilcock sent to his employer, Gaia TV, asking to be let out of his contract.

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