The philippine dallas

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The philippine dallas

This new milestone is better discussed in a new blog rather than updating older blogs that have become a little less relevant.

Officials from the Philippine Army and Philippine Marine Corps were present to verify the test results. Photo exclusive for MaxDefense Philippines. But by AprilBNT withdrew from participating in the bidding, and Elbit was left to submit a bid and ultimately win the project.

Elbit's submitted bid amount was Php , Photo taken from Wikimedia Commons.


Since the M mm Towed Howitzers are actually produced by Soltam Systems since the mid s, and several units were even ordered and delivered to the Philippine Army in MaxDefense learned that there are some minor difference between the original model the PA received, and this model that are for delivery, and these include: The new guns are equipped with LED lights; 3.

The paint scheme identified this as an Army bound unit. Pre-Delivery Testing and Delivery: Related to our previously posted information found on our earlier blog entries, MaxDefense Philippines received A1 information from its sources that the the delivery was divided into two batches: The first batch underwent pre-delivery testing early this year, and was attended and verified by officials from the Philippine Marine Corps.

Delivery of the first units arrived in Manila on the last week of Aprilafter the howitzers were shipped from Israel.

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The Philippine Marine Corps' own artillery crew already underwent familiarisation and proficiency training locally, The first three units of Soltam M mm towed howitzers are seen here during its delivery. The guns arrived in the Philippines on the last week of April, and are already in the Philippine Marine Corps' possession as of this blog entry's posting.

The second batch of nine 9 howitzers underwent a separate pre-delivery testing also attended and verified by officers of the Philippine Army and Philippine Marine Corps, and was also conducted on the IDF's Shivta Firing Range.

The philippine dallas

This batch is expected to arrive within Junewith the actual delivery date withheld by MaxDefense for security reasons. Six 6 of the howitzers will be for the Philippine Army, while the Philippine Marines will receive the remaining three 3 units for them to complete their first ever mm Artillery Battery.

Pre-delivery testing of the second batch of nine 9 howitzers conducted at the Negev Desert. The paint scheme for the howitzers differ for thse bound for the Philippine Army and Philippine Marine Corps.

With the delivery of these assets, both the Philippine Army and Philippine Marine Corps will each have a new mm Artillery Battery in its table of organization, while paving the way for the transition of both armed service from reliance on the smaller mm towed howitzer.

It is expected that both ground services will be requesting for the acquisition of dozens more of mm towed howitzers and increase the size of their organization and improving their capabilities altogether.

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Take notice on the two photos posted above showing the nine M mm towed howitzers in the desert and you may have notice a truck, which upon closer look shows a mm gun mounted on it. It can also be mounted on the shorter 6x6 high mobility truck depending on end user's choice.

While Horizon 1 does not include any plan for Self Propelled Howitzer procurement, MaxDefense has previously mentioned several times in its blog entries and Facebook page posts that the Horizon 2 phase of the AFP Modernization Program covering years to includes plans to acquire such assets for the both the PA and PMC.

The latest version of the Horizon 2 phase acquisition plan list indicated a combined requirement of 5 batteries between the Philippine Army and Philippine Marine Corps, with more expected to be requested under the Horizon 3 phase covering years to While the demonstration is not yet part of the acquisition phase, this is a good sign that the AFP is indeed giving a chance to consider such assets for future requirements.Grumman XF6F-6 Hellcat / Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat Model G (USS Hancock) lost at sea Oct 19, S of Balesin Island, Philippines while returning from rescue mission.

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The philippine dallas

After three blog entries since our first entry on the project to acquire mm Towed Howitzers for the Philippine Army and Philippine Marine Corps was posted in here @ MaxDefense Philippines blogs, we are now finally getting to the end of this acquisition project. This new milestone is better discussed in a new blog rather than updating older blogs that have become a little less relevant.

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