Social work and direct payments

Have you worked full-time for 5 out of the last 10 years? Do you expect to be out of work for at least 12 months? Are you currently seeing a doctor or taking any prescription medication?

Social work and direct payments

Money matters Direct payments for carers Direct payments are available from Health and Social Care Trusts for someone who is assessed as needing help from social services.

How much will the direct payment be?

You can usually receive a direct payment if you are a carer aged 16 or over. What direct payments can be used for As a carer, you can use direct payments to buy services the Trust agrees you need to support you in your caring role.

If you are assessed as needing domestic help, you may ask for a direct payment and buy the support services you need. What direct payments cannot be used for You cannot use direct payments to buy services for the person you care for.

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There can be exceptional circumstances which the Trust can agree with you. Eligibility If you already receive social services Your Trust has to offer you direct payments in place of the services you currently receive.

In some circumstances you cannot get direct payments. Your Trust can explain these circumstances. If you're not receiving social services To get direct payments, you need to contact your Trust to ask them to assess your needs. Assessments for carers Direct payments for people with disabilities If you are disabled and assessed as needing help from social services, you could receive direct payments.

Social work and direct payments

If you have parental responsibility for a child with a disability, you can receive direct payments to pay for various services or support your child needs. Effect on other benefits Direct payments do not affect any other benefits you may be receiving.

Social work and direct payments

How to apply for direct payments If you already get services from your local Trust, ask about direct payments. If you are applying for services for the first time, your Trust should discuss direct payments with you when they assess your needs.

Health and Social Care Trusts If your caring circumstances change If the needs of the person you care for change, this could alter your caring role in the long or short term.


Contact your Trust about any changes immediately. They can reassess the support services you require and your level of direct payments. Families The Trust can review direct payments when a child or a family's needs change, just as they do when families receive services directly from a Trust.

Guide to receiving Direct Payments booklet Read the Department of Health's information booklet about requesting and accepting direct payments. Guide to receiving Direct Payments Direct payments for social services Direct payments are made by a Trust to someone they assess as needing social care and support services.

This is not the same as direct payment, the method used to pay pensions and working age benefits directly into a bank or building society account.Overview. The mission of the Social Work program is to prepare social work students for generalist entry-level practice and provide opportunities for students to become world changers who have a desire to integrate personal faith and learning to maximize one's .

Beginning in February , Social Security benefits paid under Title II - Federal Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Benefits will be subject to the percent levy through the Federal Payment Levy Program (FPLP); to pay your delinquent tax debt.

Following your care and support assessment, and if you have been allocated a personal budget to meet your eligible care needs, you may choose to have this money as a Direct Payment so that you can choose, arrange and pay for your own care and support..

If you qualify for help, the social care worker who completes your needs assessment will explain Direct Payments and how they work, and give.

Direct payments that you are given as a carer to purchase services to meet your needs as a carer are not counted as ‘income’ for any benefits you receive, and so would not affect any of your benefits. Direct payments give you more flexibility over how your care and support is arranged and provided.

If, after a needs assessment, your council decides you need support, you will receive a personal can choose to receive your personal budget as a direct payment . To that end, we have put together the following infographic that breaks down not only social work salaries by city, but also the basics of the social work profession, from the benefits of a Masters of Social Work, to demographics, work settings, and beyond.

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