Soc 203 week 3 dq1

The videos required for this discussion each touch on overlapping social problems. Although we will examine education, inequality, and race, each of which can be defined as a social problem or major component of larger social problems, the basis of our discussion is based on a simple argument: Education is an effective tool in our efforts to build a more equitable society. Therefore, equal educational opportunities must be available to all citizens.

Soc 203 week 3 dq1

Provide a synopsis of the Jones and Shephard case. Include what seemed to be missing. Consider that you are the systems manager who is now responsible for redesigning the organizational structure.

What areas need to be addressed for the transition and how will they benefit the company? How will you interact with the upper managers in the company? How do you make this a transition with the least impact on the employees and the customers? How should the transition to a new project management operation be accomplished?

Consider what the enterprise should need to know about project management and the new structure. How much time do you recommend for the transition to the matrix organizations?

Be sure to include your rationale. What other organizational changes should be made? Provide a synopsis of the Trophy Project case study.

Highlight your observations about the project. Did the project appear to be planned correctly? Why or why not? Relate your answers to the expected documents for proper project planning.

Citing evidence from the case, do you think functional management teams were committed to the project? What evidence do you have from the case study to substantiate your views? Citing evidence from the case, do you think senior management managers were supportive and committed?

What would you have done differently? When the project first started, you were asked to order the tasks to build the WBS.

How did you decide the order tasks should appear in for the WBS? In a typical project, how do you think a WBS should be created, and what stakeholders or team members should be involved? What challenges did you face during the simulation, and what solutions did you propose? Indicate any research that you did In order to gain your own knowledge about remodeling a bathroom and how it helped you.

When faced with the challenges, what information did you use to make your decision, and what tradeoffs did you contemplate? How was the critical path impacted as you tried different options?

Soc 203 week 3 dq1

Based on the simulation and on what we discussed this week in class, what additional information or resources would have helped you make better project decisions? What seems to have caused him to change his outlook? What approaches would you take to improve communications between Tim and the team members?

How would you use this information to improve your working relationships with the staff? How would you as his manager counsel him about honoring or rejecting that request?

Support your answer with examples of managing customer relations. What does Tim seem to be missing in his next statement or reply? Describe at least two of them and provide how you would handle the situations.

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How do you think the functional employees feel? Support how you might feel if you were in their position by citing points from the case study? Are there any other alternatives?Author admin Posted on November 16 April 27 Categories ABS 5 Comments ASHFORD ABS Week 5 DQ Macro Social Systems PSY Week 3 DQ1 But .

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This pack of SOC Week 3 Assignment Research Paper Preparation contains: The Mass Media as a Social Problem Sociology - General Sociology Final Paper Preparation. To prepare for your Final Paper (due in Week Five), complete the following assignment and submit it to your instructor for feedback.

SOC Week DQ assistance Week 2 DQ 1:The videos required for this discussion each touch on overlapping social problems. Although we will examine education. Jan 18,  · PSY Week 1 DQ1. SOC SOC Week 3 Assignment Racism Presentation. ECE Week 3 DQ2. PSY Week 3 DQ2. Like. Watch Later.

Share. Add to. ANT Week 3 Assignment Rough Draft of Final Cultural Research Paper. 4 years ago 11 views. Doriahurlburtxq Utilizing your feedback you have received on your draft PICOT question from Topic 2 DQ1, create a draft PICOT question specifically related to your project.

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