Myciti business plan 2012 election

The Public Information Day was held to get views from the public on proposed routes, location of the stops and proposals to ease congestion along these routes. Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater, Brett Herron, said the City would be engaging with existing public transport service providers such as taxis and the Golden Arrow bus service regarding compensation, the possibility of owning shares in the service, or forming companies to operate MyCiTi buses and stations, as is the case on the R27 trunk route. Pamphlets detailing the proposed routes were on display and City officials were on hand to discuss queries. Kaskar said he supported the MyCiTi transport plan but was upset to see the City had earmarked a bus stop to be placed at the entrance to one of his business properties.

Myciti business plan 2012 election

Residents are complaining that a public transport route in the waterfront suburb will import anti-social behaviour and endanger wild life species in the adjacent Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

The route, the implementation of which has been subject to delays and a ballooning budget, would feed the IRT trunk route running on the R27 West Coast Road to Bayside Mall.

It would run along Study Street and Pentz Drive.

There would likely have many more objections if there had been more time for submissions from the public, she said. We live in a tiniest part of the area… there is very little activity here.

myciti business plan 2012 election

The fact that they did not do an EIA is one of the serious questions that we are asking. She said residents feared that users of public transport would litter and rubbish would end up in the nature reserve and release toxins or otherwise endanger the wild life.

She said the speed of the feeder route busses would also be monitored.


It the feeder route is not of vital importance to people living in Flamingo Vlei because probably they have two cars in anyway.ANNOUNCEMENTS. ACHIEVEMENTS what CBCRA do in the community what CBCRA do in the community.

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Cape Town Election Watch; Tuesday December 25th Farrell said they only found out on August 18t that they had until August 31 to comment on City’s IRT and MyCiTi business plan. There would likely have many more objections if there had been more time for submissions from the public, she said.

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