Lisa as the product of her environment in rebecca gilmans the glory of living

To this day, his Parker House remains an iconic landmark, a preferred destination for historically-minded guests, and the longest continuously operating hotel in the nation. But what about Parker himself?

Lisa as the product of her environment in rebecca gilmans the glory of living

And while I am quite aware that organic standards are far from perfect, I do buy organic eggs from the grocery store from time to time, when my local farmer is out—secure in the knowledge that the organic label means they come from happier, healthier hens, right?

Or so I thought… Apparently, even certified organic eggs can come from hens living in inhumane, factory conditions—making their eggs both a nutritionally and ethically inferior product.

According to the Cornucopia Institute: Does that pass as outdoor access as required by federal organic law? Some pasture-based organic farmers have already been driven out of the organic egg business.

We must ensure that they also hear from people who appreciate real food produced the way it was meant to be. This means you and me! The first clue is price. As usual, you get what you pay for. If you buy the cheapest supermarket eggs—even the cheapest organic eggs—you are not only missing out on the valuable nutrients eggs should contain, you are also supporting an industrial production system that treats animals cruelly and makes more sustainable, small-scale egg production difficult.

Beyond the price tag, the labels on egg cartons can be confusing and misleading. Here is what some of them mean: Also see infographic at the end of this article.

Lisa as the product of her environment in rebecca gilmans the glory of living

Omega-3 Enhanced Eggs Omega-3 enhanced or omega-3 fortified eggs come from hens given feed that contains significant amounts of flaxseed, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Most omega-3 enhanced egg layers live out their lives in battery cages.

Omega-3 eggs are unregulated, and the amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in eggs can be quite variable.

Lisa as the product of her environment in rebecca gilmans the glory of living

Cage Free Eggs Cage-free is a loose, unregulated term where eggs could be from chickens confined to a barn, or from chickens with access to outdoor space. There is a big difference between the two! Cage-free egg producers are not audited by third-party inspectors, unless they are also certified organic.

As with battery cage farming, forced molting starving hens to produce more eggs and beak trimming removal of a portion of the beak, usually with a heated blade are common practices. They may live in overcrowded conditions, and may or may not have access to nests and perches.

In other words, they are probably not what you thought they were.Metafiction and Metahistory in Contemporary Women’s Writing Edited by Ann Heilmann and Mark Llewellyn Metafiction and Metahistory in Contemporary Women’s Writing Also.

The Glory of Living tells the story of Lisa, a year-old girl, and her marriage to Clint, an ex-con twice her age. Systematically abused by her husband, Lisa is coerced into helping him commit crimes of varying magnitude, including murder.

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Rising Sun Performance Company will be presenting a Revival of 'The Glory of Living' By Rebecca Gilman, to take place at the 9th annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.

The Festival will take. After her husband left her, Jane Black wrote the break-up album of the century, earning her a huge legion of new fans—and the pressure to repeat her success. British, gorgeous, and way too tempting, Matthew Harrigan is the toughest music journalist out there.

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