Intergrating special needs students essay

Source Source Every person is born with a purpose and the ability to give to society in one way or another. It is inevitable that some may have more needs than others. Integrating children with special needs into mainstream schools, unarguably, promotes a more inclusive society.

Intergrating special needs students essay

The law also requires that: Years of research have contributed to our knowledge of how to successfully include students with disabilities in general education classes. Listed below are the activities and support systems commonly found where successful inclusion has occurred. Attitudes and Beliefs The regular teacher believes that the student can succeed.

School personnel are committed to accepting responsibility for the learning outcomes of students with disabilities. School personnel and the students in the class have been prepared to receive a student with disabilities. Parents are informed and support program goals.

Intergrating special needs students essay

Special education staff are committed to collaborative practice in general education classrooms. Services and physical accommodations Services needed by the student are available e.

Accommodations to the physical plant and equipment are adequate to meet the student's needs e. School Support The principal understands the needs of students with disabilities. Adequate numbers of personnel, including aides and support personnel, are available.

What it is like teaching children with hearing challenges

Adequate staff development and technical assistance, based on the needs of the school personnel, are being provided e. Appropriate policies and procedures for monitoring individual student progress, including grading and testing, are in place.

Collaboration Special educators are part of the instructional or planning team. Teaming approaches are used for problem-solving and program implementation. Regular teachers, special education teachers, and other specialists collaborate e.

Instructional Methods Teachers have the knowledge and skills needed to select and adapt curricula and instructional methods according to individual student needs. A variety of instructional arrangements are available e.

Teachers foster a cooperative learning environment and promote socialization. A Sample Scenario Classrooms that successfully include students with disabilities are designed to welcome diversity and to address the individual needs of all students, whether they have disabilities or not.

The composite scenario below is based on reports from several teachers.Three days a week, she co-teaches the class with Lynn Vogel, a special education teacher. Their 25 students include 4 who have special needs due to disabilities and 2 others who currently need special help in specific curriculum areas.

What are the benefits of integration for the special needs child

Each of the students with a disability has an IEP that was developed by a team that included both teachers. Nov 02,  · Integrating children with special needs into mainstream schools, unarguably, promotes a more inclusive society.

That said, this integration brings with it situations that need addressing. Administrators should consider them when including these children in a mainstream pfmlures.coms: Students who are taught and have explained the integration process are more likely to be positively responsive. There are many ways that integrating student with severe disabilities or special needs can benefit all students.

Students can learn proper interaction with one another. Strategies for culturally and linguistically diverse students with special needs.

Preventing School Failure, 53 (3), Diverse Students The author offers a summary of the main assessment and instructional topics connected to culturally and linguistically diverse students with special education needs.

Intergrating special needs students essay

Students with disabilities are a part of school and classrooms and they should be dealt with care. The different Acts mentioned above are an attempt to normalize the life of the special students and lower the amount of discrimination or biasness that they might otherwise have to face.

Essay on Inclusion of Special Needs Children in Regular Classrooms Bobby, a young boy, is diagnosed with autism at age 3. meaning normally developing students are placed in the same class as special needs children so they can all learn from each other.

Intergrating Special needs students into the classroom Essay.

Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms