How to write a precipitation reaction equation

A Net Ionic Equation is a chemical equation for a reaction which lists only those species participating in the reaction.

How to write a precipitation reaction equation

Writing ionic equations (solutions, examples, videos)

Finding coefficients for chemical reactions is often complicated, especially in the case of redox processes. The classical approach uses oxidation numbers and many chemists cannot imagine any way to find the solution other than balancing half-reactions for the process.

In some cases however it is hard to use this method because oxidation numbers cannot be unequivocally attributed. Luckily it turns out that oxidation numbers and half-reaction are unnecessary!

Another method exists that uses algebra to find the solution. Mathematics provides a general way to find reaction coefficients.

In fact it provides better solutions than chemistry itself! Such an idea might seem a bit strange for a chemist.

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For me it was a real shock when I realized the power of mathematics. That is why the calculator was created - to prove that this algebraic technique works. I believe that students will find it very useful in determining the correct coefficients.

With mathematics in mind you can write such a simple equation with variables a, b, c denoting the coefficients to be found: You obtain a system of equations: What would happen if we mistakenly mixed it up a bit? But the calculator still works!

how to write a precipitation reaction equation

Following the methodology described you will find that the value of some variables will be negative so they should be placed on the opposite side of the equation. Algebra decides what will be the product and what will be the substrate! If you are an experienced chemist you will easily find the mistake in the mixed equation thanks to your chemical knowledge because the example is simple.

And what about the one below? Is it right or wrong?: Use the calculator then. But I can assure you that it really does not need any chemical analysis to find the true shape of the process.

Imagine that such compounds exist and react as follows: You cannot see where the error is at first glance. But try this in the calculator. I do hope this proves that chemical knowledge is not so important as mathematics when finding coefficients. I do not want to underestimate chemistry.

The calculator is not supposed to predict what the products will be. Chemistry is really needed here. You must define all the reagents. The calculator can only analyze the given molecules and their elements by means of simple algebraic approach.Oct 11,  · Write a molecular equation for the precipitation reaction (if any) that occurs when the following solutions are mixed.

If no reaction occurs, write Resolved. Precipitations Reactions. There are many common types of reactions that occur in aqueous solutions. The precipitation reaction is one of them, which results in the formation of precipitate (insoluble product).

Therefore, the precipitate is the insoluble solid that forms during the chemical reaction and separates out in solution. Jan 14,  · Write a balanced chemical equation for the precipitation reaction of copper (II) chloride and sodium phosphate. Include abbreviations for the physical state of each reactant, and product, using (aq) for aqueous solution, (s) for solid, (l) for liquid, and (g) for gas.

A net ionic equation shows us the ions that are actually participating in the reaction (versus the remaining ions that do not participate, called spectator ions). In your case the zinc and hydroxide ions were the only ions participating, as they were the only ions that formed a new substance; a precipitate.

Be sure the equation is balanced. Step II. Write the complete ionic equation. Separate soluble substances into ions.

Leave insoluble substances alone. Be sure the equation is still balanced, both in atoms and charges. Step III. Write the net ionic equation by eliminating the spectator ions if necessary, reduced the coefficients to their lowest values (whole number).

Precipitation Reactions Worksheet Key For each of the following reactants, predict whether a precipitation reaction will take place between them. If there is no reaction, write “no reaction”. If there is a reaction, write the complete, complete ionic, and net.

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