Describe what is meant by management

The phrase "management is what managers do" occurs widely, [9] suggesting the difficulty of defining management without circularitythe shifting nature of definitions[ citation needed ] and the connection of managerial practices with the existence of a managerial cadre or of a class. One habit of thought regards management as equivalent to " business administration " and thus excludes management in places outside commerceas for example in charities and in the public sector.

Describe what is meant by management

Information management Supply coalitions Similarly Day, Burnett, and Forrester 5 found that the term "supply chain management" was frequently used but the concept had inherited a multiplicity of meanings—in other words, there were disagreements about what definition best describes SCM.

They also found that literature surveys create more confusion than general agreement on a definition. Here are some examples of how fragmented the definitions have been. Olsen and Ellram's definition 6 had a broad discussion about the "buyer-supplier relationship.

Under that description, supply chain management includes nearly everything in business—hardly a meaningful definition. Another definition was that of Mattsson, 8 who said the supply chain consisted of a line of actors who are in a dependent relationship with one other, and through which material, payment, and information flow.

But this could also be seen as a traditional defi- nition of logistics. SCM is what you make of it All of these variations and the lack of clarity in the definition lead to the conclusion that SCM is what you make of it; in other words, it can involve anything, depending on the situation.

In that view, it is hardly a new theory, nor is it a new scientific field. Leaving aside the discussion of the proper definition of SCM and its relationship to logistics for a moment, let's look more closely at the concept itself and its possible advantages.

The supply chain concept extends to include a focus on production and involves both the supply and distribution sides of the company.

Describe what is meant by management

As the chain expands, the distance between the manufacturer and the end consumer increases, both geographically and from an operational point of view. At the same time, there is a strong trend toward more and more customer-oriented products and production, which requires close relationships between suppliers and customers.

This trend points out the need for a form of supply chain or, more generally, a system for integration and closer relationships. But is the "supply chain" concept the solution to this challenge? A chain of companies is only a part of a whole, complex system. There has to be a focus on all of the relationships and the dependencies, which is a big challenge indeed.

Currently, SCM research is dominated by information technology IT -related projects that often involve IT-based modeling and simulation.

Describe what is meant by management

As a result, SCM consultants and researchers are building models in one limited field, often without a deeper knowledge of established theory, practical usefulness, economic benefits, or the effects of their developments on the system as a whole.

In today's world, businesses are shaped by complexity, fast-changing conditions, and constant development. This causes instability in many respects, but is this situation really new? Have not people in all periods of history thought that their own times were more dynamic and more changeable than any before them?

Today, however, we can better predict change than we could in the past. This means that we can control development and that the rate of development is low today compared to previous periods. Companies are trying to respond to dynamic developments and complexity, striving to achieve stability and to carry out operations more efficiently.Time management is the act of determining the amount of time you will spend on different activities, with an ultimate goal of increasing productivity.

Originally, Frederick Taylor believed time. Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aim. Asif i study management long time ago but i still remember the defination but i forget the author of book Mangement is the process of.

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Feb 18,  · Nevertheless, researchers continue to discuss and debate the meaning of the term supply chain management. Every new book about logistics, it seems, contains another definition of SCM. To me this is an absurd situation, because there is nothing truly new, even if we do give it .

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