Australia should become a republic essay help

Submit Republics are boring! Most of Australia loves the queen. About 12 months ago the queen visited Australia as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour.

Australia should become a republic essay help

australia should become a republic essay help

This is the standard for a change of the constitution set down by our founding fathers when they established the Federal Constitution at federation. For a Republic the Australian Constitution would have to be completely re - written with the Monarch written out and a president written in.

At the Constitutional Convention, a pre - republic group led by Malcolm Turnbull, the current member for Wentworth, wanted a prominent citizen appointed by parliament as the president. The person would have a ceremonial role but few legal powers. The danger in this is that the power to remove a corrupt government or a government that cannot get taxation bill through the Senate e.

If they refuse to go to the poles and there is no money to run the country the Governor General as it is today or the President as it would be in a Republic is obliged to order them to do so.

If the President has no power the corrupt government or one without funds just sites there and things go from bad to worse. This is not how a democracy is supposed to work. The Constitutional Convention didn't come up with a solution to this.

Also the Turnbull republicans didn't let those voting for their representative to the convention know that they were promoting an appointed president until well into the voting.

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A lot of Australians wanted an elected President if they wanted a republic. The elites who ran the constitutional convention didn't want an elected president. There were three forms of getting a president put forward. One appointed by parliament, one appointed bcommitteeitte of prominent citizens and one elected.

None of the Republican groups could agree. They lost because the Monarchists and the no change people stuck together. If you do have a republic, the president needs to have clearly defined powers. While a country like Ireland can get away with having a President who is basically a public representative, Australia should have someone who is elected and who has governing capabilites if it does one day go down the Republican route.

It will most likely become a Republic one day. However, the whole exercise needs to be carefully thought out. The last Constitutional Convention was not carefully thought out and I think that may Australians would still be very sceptical of a Republic, not because they are wild about the British Monarch but because we have such an appaling political class.

Good Luck with your assignment.Some Australians believe that the time is right, for Australia to become a republic. There are many arguments, both for and against, regarding this issue.

Arguments for a Republic The main for a republic is that for Australia to be truly independent, it is essential to sever the ties with the British monarch. Should Australia become a republic? Background. This issue is related to our legal studies as it focuses on both of the function of the law and critical analysis of the constitutional system.

Australia is a constitutional monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of Australia while the Governor-General of Australia is her representative. Australia should become a republic essays. Wildlife conservation essays tripe and onions essay help? argumentative essay on texting and driving conditions short essay on respecting others, mass media and childhood socialization essay how to sell essays online solutions to the great depression essays.

There are plenty of reasons not to care, but there are plenty of reasons to care and that’s why Australia should not become a republic. The Australian Republican Movement held a referendum in , and 55 per cent voted against Australia becoming a republic that would be headed by a president and cut ties with the British crown and the.

Republicanism in Australia is a movement to change Australia's system of government from a constitutional monarchy to a republic. Republicanism was first espoused in Australia before Federation in Essay on Should Australia Become A Republic?

australia should become a republic essay help

- I believe that Australia should not become a republic. I think that there would be no point in becoming a republic, because we live without the intervention of the Queen at the moment, so becoming a republic would achieve nothing.

Australia should become a republic essay help