An evaluation of the movie hannibal

Edit Lecter was born in Lithuania in to a wealthy aristocratic family; his father, simply known as Count Lecterwas a descendant of the warlord " Hannibal the Grim " who defeated the Teutonic Order at the Battle of Grunwaldinwhile his mother, Madame Simonetta Sforza-Lecterdescended from both the Visconti and Sforza families who separately ruled Milan for a total of years.

An evaluation of the movie hannibal

His heart died with Mischa. Now, not in the way Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum are attractive, but he does have a certain appeal.

‘Well hello, Clarice.’ – A Psychological Analysis of Hannibal Lecter. | PsychKnow

In the first film chronologically the young Hannibal is witness to the death of his parents, then to the gruesome murder of his young sister Mischa- where she was cooked and eaten.

It then flashes forward several years to a selectively mute Hannibal living in an orphanage.

An evaluation of the movie hannibal

They must also show; recurrent and persistent flashbacks, dreams or psychological reactions to any reminder of the traumatic event. Hannibal certainly seems to demonstrate all of the above at multiple occasions throughout the film and the diagnosis of PTSD does offer some explanation to his behaviour in later life.

There is certainly more to his psychological profile! Many have come to the conclusion that Hannibal Lecter is a psychopath and, while I can see where they are coming from, I still think there is more to him than psychopathy.

Below, I have added a list of psychopathic traits1;using this list I will examine the common opinion that Hannibal is a psychopath. While attempts to charm the two women in his life are certainly controversial, you can see what he is trying to do!

By beheading the butcher that insults his aunt you can see his protective feelings towards her.

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He cooks for Clarice, which shows romantic intentions- unfortunately he seems unable to supress his cannibalistic urges and serves brain for dinner. He then at the end of Hannibal chops off his own hand instead of hers; I am almost convinced that no psychopath would do this although I am told that the book ends very differently, so this may not be the best example.

An evaluation of the movie hannibal

He does not seem to be a pathological liar. He lies when he needs to- to protect himself. In fact, he seems to prefer using the truth as a weapon rather than lies, using his insight into the human mind he can confront others with the truth about themselves and use this to manipulate them.

He is certainly cunning and manipulative; his manipulative nature is one of his most notable personality attributes. He manipulates the truth out of people; he then uses what he knows to manipulate their actions and behaviour. Even from his cell his manipulative nature is evident.

Whether Hannibal shows a need for stimulation or not is debatable. He does seem to require some intellectual stimulation- He is always shown as having a job of some sort whilst out of prison and while in prison he is still intellectually stimulated through artwork and helping the FBI with cases.

Although while he helps the FBI he seems unable to give them straight answers, which we assume he has the capability to do. This suggests that he is bored and is attempting to drag out the investigation to prolong his stimulation and involvement.

He is highly self- sufficient and motivated. The fact that he does not rely on others and earns his own money shows that he does not meet the requirements for the trait of parasitic lifestyle. He does seem to show a lack of remorse or guilt, yet does not show a failure to accept responsibility for his actions.

He never denies what he has done and talks about his crimes openly, the problem is that he does not believe what he has done is wrong. The closest he comes to a failure to accept responsibility for his actions is his mentality that his victims deserved it, particularly in Hannibal Rising where he killed those that had murdered Mischa.

Whether or not Hannibal is emotionally shallow is also debatable. He also appears to have genuine feelings towards Clarice. As for lack of long term goals, impulsiveness, irresponsibility and poor behavioural controls Hannibal does not demonstrate any evidence of these traits.

He demonstrates excellent long term planning always appearing one step ahead of others, his decisions are well calculated and never impulsive and he is not shown to be irresponsible. Sure, he shows a few psychopathic tendencies, but if we take away the serial killer aspect to his personality which we are allowed to do since, contrary to popular belief, a psychopath is not necessarily a murderer and a murderer is not necessarily a psychopath we are left with only three or four mildly psychopathic traits along with a range of non- psychopathic traits.

This may be close to the pattern observed in the general population, and certainly within a psychiatric population.

It caused him to see humanity in a new light and step away from it. A disorder in which the individual is said to be overly concerned with; power, prestige, vanity, personal adequacy, humiliation and entitlement. It makes a person believe they are fundamentally different to others. While this disorder is commonly theorised to stem from a poor quality relationship with primary care givers parents in the case of Hannibal I believe the trigger was later, at the orphanage where he was seen as a loner and an outcast, this may have led to him feeling disconnected with others- demonstrated by the fact that he does not even speak to them.

He became unable to connect, he viewed himself as so fundamentally different, so separate and so detached from the rest of humanity that he took to life alone doing what he believed was right, killing those who he felt deserved it or those who stirred emotions from his troubled past, and really, who was ever there to teach him any better?

The cruel bullies at the orphanage? Who tormented him because of his nightmares of Mischa, or his Aunt? Who was never exactly opposed to violence.Hannibal Lecter is an American psychological thriller film series, adapted from the Thomas Harris novel of the same name.

Hannibal is a sequel to the Academy Award-winning film The Silence of the Lambs that returns Anthony Hopkins to his iconic role as serial killer Hannibal Lecter.

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Sep 06,  · The Silence of the Lambs Film Evaluation thomasmanningmovies Uncategorized September 6, 4 Minutes Based on the disturbing psychological thriller novel originally written by Thomas Harris, Jonathan Demme’s film adaptation of The Silence of the Lambs is by far one of the most unique, yet horrifying stories I have ever come across.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a character in a series of suspense novels by Thomas Harris. Lecter was introduced in the thriller novel Red Dragon as a forensic psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.

The novel and its sequel, The Silence of the Lambs, feature Lecter as one of the primary antagonists after the two serial killers in both novels. Hannibal The second directed movie of the serial is “Hannibal”.

It is directed by Ridley Scott in In this movie we first meet Mason Verger who is the fourth and the only survived victim of Hannibal Lecter.

He is trying to reach Lecter and collecting anything about him obsessively. Hannibal The second directed movie of the serial is “Hannibal”. It is directed by Ridley Scott in In this movie we first meet Mason Verger who is the fourth and the only survived victim of Hannibal Lecter.

He is trying to reach Lecter and collecting anything about him obsessively. Jun 04,  · Best Answer: Hannibal is usually depicted as a white man, but his coins in the British Museum and the Museo Kercheriano, Rome, show him to have been an African of the purist type, with rings in his ears.

Col. Hennebert, perhaps the leading authority on Hannibal, declares that none of the several differing Status: Resolved.

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