A tortoise and a mouse

The hare is so confident in the lead that he naps while the tortoise keeps going to win. Slow and steady wins the race. So the Fox, who had consented to act as judge, marked the distance and started the runners off. The Hare was soon far out of sight, and to make the Tortoise feel very deeply how ridiculous it was for him to try a race with a Hare, he lay down beside the course to take a nap until the Tortoise should catch up.

A tortoise and a mouse

Southern Oregon I have a 25lb bag of food grade DE.


On my patio, outside and all over the house. What a messy, time consuming job. Well, it did destroy my vacuum cleaner. After using 6 flea bombs in the house and still having fleas we found a dozen live ones when we got home after the treatment I started spraying poison in the house every time we leave.

A tortoise and a mouse

I spray the rooms and perimeter. Come home and vacuum. We still get live fleas in the vacuum. If I wear anything else, forget it.

Thanks for that reminder!

The Scorpion and the Tortoise

I have 2 little boys and for all these months have been trying all the "natural" methods. But after 8 months and STILL battling fleas we caved and the last month have resorted to using poisons. My 2 year old has over bites on his back right now. He got them over the course of 2 nights.

After I counted to I stopped, and was crying. We had our electronic things delivered yesterday, but to the wrong house.

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Once they do we will set that up and hopefully get some nematodes. We have treated the stray cat since day 1 with Frontline Plus. We just recently treated her for tapeworms too. She looks pretty beat up and we feel bad for her.

But she is a true outdoors stray cat. At least she is fed well.A SECURE HABITAT.

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Darrell Senneke. Illinois, USA. When building an outdoor habitat for tortoises and turtles people are generally very concerned with providing a healthy and attractive environment.

Tortoise is on his way home when he sees the squirrel and the mouse engaged in a furious fight.

The Classic Friendship Story of the Lion and the Mouse

Seeking to mediate between the two, tortoise intervenes to separate the fighters but is bit on his nose by the mouse. Newing Green sea turtle mouse pad, Natural Rubber Mouse Pad, Quality Creative Wrist-protected Wristbands Personalized Desk, Mouse Pad ( inch x inch) by Newing $ $ 7 99 Prime.

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The Florida mouse and gopher tortoise have been in a serious relationship for thousands of years.

A tortoise and a mouse

Theirs is a commensal one: The Florida mouse uses the gopher tortoise’s burrow as shelter from the heat, but the tortoise gains nothing.

While the mouse also makes its way into other animals.

The Mouse, the Squirrel and the Tortoise – African Poems